Electrical Installation Service

Proper installation and regular maintenance of your electrical system are extremely crucial to ensure that your property is powered effectively at all times. At Facility Cooling & Heating, we hold expertise in installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical equipment, appliances, system, and cabling. With years of experience, we work with clients from residential and commercial sectors and handle everything from complete inspections and testing to diagnosing and repairs.

Electrical Installation:

Electrical installation should be carried out only by experts to ensure the safety of the occupants. Our team of electrical installers is highly skilled, experienced and certified with a track record to provide impeccable services. We are equipped with advanced equipment and have the industry-leading expertise to cater to all your electrical installation needs.

Electrical Repair:

Electrical faults are a safety hazard and can put your life in danger of electrical fire or electrocution. The electricians at Facility Cooling & Heating are expert in locating the fault and fixing it with minimum disruption to your routine. We deploy an effective approach that allows us to systematically analyze the circuit and determine what has gone wrong. Our specialist team inspects everything, brings the issue to your attention and provides a long-lasting solution.

Electrical Maintenance:

Regular and professional inspection of your electrical system is essential to catch any problem at an early stage. We go through your electrical system and provide an expert maintenance service that helps to point out any issue. If we have spotted an issue with your system, we provide necessary repair and testing services to get everything running the way it should be. Our dedicated electrician also offers proper guidance on preventing costly problems from occurring in the future.

Electrical Installation Service Melbourne

Why Choose Us?

  • We work around your schedule with minimal disruption.
  • We provide cost-effective yet long-lasting solutions.
  • We come up with upfront pricing with no hidden prices.
  • We employ only experienced and certified electricians.
  • We help you with installing any electrical equipment.

If you would like to know more about our electrical installation service, don’t hesitate to call 03 9357 5768 and talk to our team today. We also offer the leading brands of air conditioning installation like Daikin air conditioner & Rinnai hot water installation. We provide the best split system AC service along with ducted air conditioning & heater service & repairs to tailor your cooling and heating requirements.

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