Rinnai Hot Water Installation

rinnai hot water installationWant to replace an aging hot water heater? Looking for a unit that runs on innovative technology? Rinnai Hot Water Installation Melbourne can be your ideal choice. Instead of using a tank to store pre-heated water, these units heat the water instantly as soon as they are switched on. Once you open the faucet, the heater gets into action and provides an unlimited supply of hot water. Here at Facilities Cooling & Heating, we provide Rinnai hot water system installation, repair, and maintenance service to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Comprehensive Service:

Installing Rinnai tankless water heater system seems to be a tedious task and it should be handled only by the professionals. As long as the units are installed properly, you can expect the hot water system to run efficiently for a long time. At Facilities Cooling & Heating, we have a team of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience to offer same day installation services. From system selection to the installation, we provide full-fledged services to our customers.

Water Heater Options:

When it comes to choosing a new water heater for your home, our professionals determine the hot water needs and the size of your family. Rinnai hot water installation Melbourne offers a diverse range of water heaters from Rinnai and help you find the perfect unit that meets the unique needs of your household.

Water Heater Installation:

Rinnai hot water systems are energy efficient as they avoid the standby energy loss as that of the conventional tank-based water systems. With technical expertise and experience, we can outfit your home with a Rinnai water heater and ensure that you will get the most from your unit. Our professionals carry out the installation as per the manufacturer’s guidelines, assuring that your water heater works well for years to come.

If you need Rinnai hot water installation in Melbourne, make sure that an experienced installer from Facilities Cooling & Heating is there to get the job done right. For appointments and guidance, call us at 03 9357 5768.