Facility Managers

Facility Managers are usually under constant pressure as they take on extensive responsibilities including, building maintenance, contract management and administration. Not to mention, you have to keep your tenants satisfied and comfortable. When it comes to choosing heating & cooling unit for your facility, you need more than just a contractor. You must have a reliable partner who will help you with installing and repairing your equipment quickly and cost-effectively. At Facilities Cooling & Heating, we work with facility managers to design and build an advanced HVAC system that can keeps your tenants happy.

Determined Professionals:

We have built a determined team and equipped them with the tools to provide exemplary service and maximise the life of your HVAC system. Our professionals identify your needs and take a diligent approach to upkeep the efficiency of your system, making your facility a better place for your customers.

What We Do?

  • Design & Build:

We believe in designing and building the right HVAC, the very first time. Our professionals begin the process by determining your requirements. We discuss with you to understand your priorities, goals and budget before we embark on the project.

  • Installation:

Our team has the aptitude to install the heating & cooling unit that meets the specific needs of your environment. The installation process is executed to the intended specifications to maintain the efficiency of the system and to reduce the energy consumption.

  • Repair & Maintenance:

Facilities Cooling & Heating Melbourne also offers a complete maintenance program that reduces the probability of system failure and downtime. Our ongoing maintenance contracts include periodic inspection, identifying indoor air quality problems, solving complaints and upgrading the capacity of the unit when needed. Our technicians are trained to identify impending problems and propose solutions before they turn into a major one. We will also respond to your call quickly when any emergency escalates.

We take pride to be a trusted ally for facility managers and hold ourselves to the industry standards to provide cost effective yet reliable services. If you would like to know how we can help you with HVAC maintenance, call us at 03 9357 5768 today!