Business Owners

Heating & Cooling systems are extremely crucial to businesses in order to provide a comfortable environment for your employees, customers and clients. A proper heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit is key to create a relaxed atmosphere and conserve energy. If you are a business owner and need professional assistance in installing, repairing and maintaining your HVAC system, we can help.

What We Do?

At Facilities Cooling & Heating, we work with businesses of all sizes and provide design, installation and maintenance of HVAC systems at competitive prices. From schools to healthcare facilities, retail stores to restaurants, we provide air conditioning and heating solutions that improve the comfort of any commercial environment.


We have immense experience in installing a range of heating & cooling systems in commercial structures and are committed to provide exceptional service, exceeding your expectations. Our professionals remain at the forefront of technology and carry out installation as per manufacturer’s guidelines. With cutting edge technology and advanced techniques, we design, build & install the most energy efficient units available in today’s market.


We understand the importance of quick, efficient and affordable heating & cooling units repair service. Our experts are familiar with the most common problems and unique challenges that develop in a typical HVAC system. Whether it is a minor problem or a major one, we identify the problems and fix them right away, preventing breakdowns and minimising downtime. We can repair heating & cooling units of all makes and models, and restore their functionality in no time.


To make sure that your commercial heating & cooling systems continue running at their optimal condition, we provide annual maintenance plans that can be tailored to the specific needs of your business. With our maintenance service, you can avoid the likelihood of increasing energy cost, repair bills and downtime that affects your business.

The comfort of your employees and customers is our priority. We take your business seriously and provide any service pertaining to your heating & cooling system. So, call us at 03 9357 5768   for new installation, repair, maintenance, replacement and emergency service.