Ducted Air Conditioning, Split Systems, Evaporative Cooler Burwood (Daikin AC, Rinnai Hot Water Installation)

Keeping your heating and cooling systems up and running is not an easy thing to do. Fortunately, you have the experts at Facilities Cooling and Heating to keep your residential and commercial properties as comfortable as possible. We provide a comprehensive range of air conditioning services to our customers across Burwood and nearby suburbs. From ductless and ducted air conditioning installation to Rinnai Hot Water installation, we can make sure that you get the perfect solution for your home.

What Are We Specialised In?

Split A/C System Burwood:

Here at Facilities Cooling & Heating, we can help you with all of your split system service needs. Being specialised in Daikin air conditioner, our experts carry out split system installation as per manufacturer guidelines. With our years of expertise, we can even perform fast split system repair work on a faulty unit.

Evaporative Cooling System Burwood:

Evaporative coolers are a perfect way to enjoy fresh and chill air without harming the environment. Like a typical AC unit, these coolers need regular service and maintenance. At Facilities Heating & Cooling, our specialists are trained on evaporative cooling installation, evaporative cooler repair and evaporative cooling service.

Heater Repair & Service Burwood:

Even a small problem with your heating unit can have a dramatic impact on your comfort level. Fortunately, you don’t have to surf the crowded field as we have experts who can perform heater repair and make the unit perform better than ever before. You can also rely on us for heater service to enjoy its optimal performance consistently.

Our experts have tremendous experience and the best equipment to provide you with reliable heating and cooling solution tailored to your specific situation. Whether you need a new system installed, a routine maintenance or repair work, call us today at 03 9357 5768 and schedule an appointment with one of our technicians. We are committed to providing you the best service from start to finish.