Ducted Air Conditioning, Split Systems, Evaporative Cooler Box Hill (Daikin AC, Rinnai Hot Water Installation)

Facilities Cooling & Heating has built a reputation for being the air-conditioning experts in Box Hill and nearby suburbs. From ductless and ducted air conditioning installation to Rinnai Hot Water Installation, we are dedicated to providing a full range of heating and cooling services to make sure that our customers stay comfortable all year long. Our experienced team is also up-to-date to provide energy efficient solutions for Daikin Air Conditioners.

What Are We Specialised In?

Split A/C System Box Hill:

Our team at Facilities Cooling & Heating adheres to a strict code of ethics, when it comes to split system installation. Our A/C technicians also provide split system repair and help restoring your home’s comfort. We always provide a high level of split system service and treat every customer respectfully.

Evaporative Cooling System Box Hill:

Evaporative Cooling systems are designed to maintain your home/work environment cool and comfortable during hot seasons. If you notice that your cooling unit is not performing as it used to be or looking for new evaporative cooling installation, call our experts for evaporative cooling service. From new unit installation to old evaporative cooler repair, we can provide exemplary services at fair prices.

Heater Repair & Service Box Hill:

Whether it is a malfunctioning thermostat, a faulty blower or a damaged heat exchanger, we have the expertise to make the necessary heater repair efficiently. We are equipped and knowledgeable to repair all models of boilers, furnaces, heat pumps and water heaters. Want to enjoy consistent heating from your unit? Why not schedule an appointment with us for heater service?

At Facilities Cooling & Heating, we realise that your time is extremely valuable. That’s why we schedule our services at the time convenient to you. Our technicians are subjected to ongoing training to ensure that you receive outstanding service every time. Whether you have a problem with your existing unit or looking for a personalised unit for your home or workplace, give us a call at 03 9357 5768 and discuss your needs today.