Ducted Air Conditioning, Split Systems, Evaporative Cooler Briar Hill (Daikin AC, Rinnai Hot Water Installation)

Facilities Cooling & Heating provides businesses and residences in Briar Hill with quality ductless and ducted air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance services. When you choose our experts for your HVAC needs, you can be rest assured that you will receive high quality services at competitive prices. We are a factory authorised dealer who can provide Daikin air conditioner installation and maintenance for all models to the manufacturer’s specifications.

What Are We Specialised In?

Split A/C System:

If you have a ductless system in your office or home, turn to our experts for quality split system installation. With years of experience and extensive industry training, we can perform split system repairs that are both professional and prompt. To stay as comfortable as possible all year round, you can count on us for split system maintenance. We do whatever it takes to make your unit running great and energy efficient.

Evaporative Cooling System:

Evaporative coolers are a common alternative to traditional air conditioning system. These coolers are built to deliver excellent performance. However, proper evaporating cooling installation and regular maintenance is for its optimal performance. At Facilities Heating & Cooling, we not only help you with installation but also provide evaporative cooler repairs and evaporative cooling service without compromising the quality.

Heater Repair & Service:

If your home or office is in need of professional ducted heater service, you can count on our experts. We provide a comprehensive range of heater repair and maintenance services that are essential to keep your cold winter nights warm and cozy.

Rinnai Hot Water System:

Rinnai hot water systems are more energy efficient and can supply unlimited quantity of hot water as soon as you turn the tap. To ensure its optimal performance and longevity, you can choose our experts for Rinnai hot water installation, repair and maintenance.

When you are in need of professional heating & cooling services, call Facilities Cooling & Heating at 03 9357 5768. We take pride in serving our customers in Briar Hill by delivering quality services at competitive prices.